In SPI Global Play we know that air travel can be stressful, especially for families with young children. Recognizing this challenge, airports worldwide are prioritizing passenger experience by incorporating engaging entertainment solutions and creating a unique environment.

We offer a diverse range of alternatives for children entertainment specifically designed for airports, from iconic play layouts that capture the imagination of every child to space-saving play hubs that cater to more busier terminals. Our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of all ages, keeping children entertained and parents relaxed, ultimately contributing to a more enjoyable and efficient airport experience for everyone.

With our experience in creative solutions, we are here to offer your airport also unique thematic alternatives. From storyline and interior design creation to gigantic sculpture creation to complete immersive environment development. By partnering with SPI Global Play, airports can transform themselves into inviting destinations, leaving a lasting positive impression on their passengers and fostering happy moments for families embarking on their journeys.

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