We know that safety is paramount and for that reason it holds the upmost priority in our organisation. We very much take a proactive approach to Safety by carefully engineering and testing each product painstakingly before it is released into our product portfolio.

Not only do we use the latest materials, but our manufacturing facilities are also approved to TUV standard. We continually review and invest in our product lines to ensure they are optimised using the latest manufacturing techniques, so we can always assure you that quality and safety is paramount to us.

When designing, creating, and realising turn-key attractions for our clients we work to many different safety regulations and standards across the world, such as EN1176 and ASTM. Our experts understand and translate these standards into our Attraction design making sure that safety remains at the forefront for both our indoor and outdoor installations. Our onsite teams regularly work with our client’s local inspectors to ensure our installations are certified once completed and ready to use!

However, the safety does not stop there. Why not ensure your attraction remains as safe as the day it was built by taking out an SPI Play Safety & Maintenance Package?