Low-High Ropes

These rope course concepts consist of different heights and include many challenging obstacles and elements that players must transition through to complete the course. People can challenge their fear of heights by moving from platform to platform, climbing over obstacles and balancing on narrow elements whilst suspended high in the air. At all times the players will be safe in the knowledge that they are safely connected to the system.
We provide both high and low rope courses.

Rope courses are amazing to include within indoor leisure facilities, like indoor playgrounds or FEC’s, but are also very suitable for outdoor facilities.

For example, in the woods! While the High Ropes can be placed at several meters high, the lower ropes courses are just above the ground for the youngest adventurers. In a fun and safe environment, even the youngest children can enjoy the rush of adrenaline and raise their adventurous spirits. Parents can enjoy the activity together with children by helping them to overcome the challenging obstacles.