Escape & Mission Rooms

SPI Global Play offers Escape Rooms and Mission Rooms, immersive experiences that go beyond entertainment, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration in exciting themed environments.

Watch as teams bonds, strategizes, and tackles challenges together, all while having a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Witness firsthand as teams bond, strategize, and conquer challenges together, all while having a thrilling and unforgettable experience. More than just fun, SPI Global Play’s Escape Rooms and Mission Rooms are a guaranteed win for boosting employee morale, communication, and teamwork – all essential ingredients for a successful business.

Escape Rooms

Designed for teams of up to four, these immersive experiences transport your clients to themed environments where your wit and teamwork are your greatest assets. With just 60 minutes on the clock, adrenaline rushes as the participants race against time. Our Escape Rooms test mental agility, promoting collaboration, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. From code-breaking puzzles to mind-bending mysteries, each twist and turn offers an opportunity to showcase your intellect and logic.

This is the perfect balance of challenge and fun, fostering camaraderie and critical thinking in an immersive environment. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling team-building activity or an engaging corporate event, it is a promise an immersive journey that captivates participants, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Mission Rooms

Our Mission Rooms offer an immersive and thrilling experience designed to captivate and challenge participants. By blending adventure and problem-solving in meticulously crafted environments, customers are transported into thrilling narratives where they must work together to unravel mysteries and complete objectives. The Mission Rooms create unforgettable memories and fosters teamwork and critical thinking skills in an exhilarating and engaging setting.

Take advantage of this opportunity to provide cutting-edge attractions that go beyond fantasy. Encourage team bonding, ignite imaginations, and create unforgettable journeys for your customers.