The shift from traditional teacher-centered learning to a more exploration-based education has elevated the significance of the edutainment segment. Researches have demonstrated that children learn most effectively through play, as it enhances their memory retention and fosters a positive attitude towards learning. Consequently, the edutainment industry is projected to experience substantial growth and solidify its position in the market, with the backing of cutting-edge technologies.

For years, SPI Global Play has worked towards creating engaging and stimulating play concepts. Today, we are the leading manufacturer offering an extensive selection of role play concepts tailored for children, as well as interactive VR and projection-based concepts designed for teenagers and young adults.

All our edutainment concepts are created in combination of education and entertainment while keeping the profitability of the space in clear focus. With our expertise and guidance throughout the process, we can secure you a high return on the investment. If you’re looking for a winning combination of a great concept and a successful business, SPI Global Play is the right partner for you!

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