Party Rooms

A must for every family entertainment centre, indoor playground or trampoline park! In our fully themed Party Rooms, children (young and older) can have their private party after which they can enter the play area.

By adding 3D elements and amazing wall-art to the room, a unique atmosphere is created. From cool pirate and car themes for the boys to princess and glitter and glamour themes for the girls. We provide various themes for all type of kids and all type of ages. What do you think of Disco, Pirate, Underwater theme or maybe Jungle? When you have great Party Rooms, every child wants to have their birthday on your location!

Party Rooms are often easy to implement and are a great way to make your visitors stay longer and to set up a steady way of income. Entertainment centers that have Party Rooms included, thank up to 30% of their annual revenue to this concept.