Themed Restaurants & Cafés

Step into a world of culinary excellence with our Themed Restaurants & Cafes, seamlessly integrated with our diverse leisure offerings. Whether for your entertainment center, hotel, or leisure spot, our themed dining experiences offer a tailored solution to elevate your establishment.

From immersive decor to carefully crafted menus, we prioritize crafting memorable dining experiences that enrich your venue’s atmosphere. Each bite becomes an extension of your brand, deepening the connection between your guests and your establishment. Trust our expertise to help you create a captivating destination for customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Superhero Café

Experience the thrill of Super Hero Café, perfect for restaurants, party rooms, and family entertainment centers. With striking 3D sculptures and vibrant decor, immerse guests in the world of beloved superheroes like as Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel.

This dynamic theme goes beyond decoration – it creates a truly immersive experience that elevates your venue and sets you apart from the ordinary. Watch imaginations soar and customer loyalty skyrocket with Super Hero Café!

La Taverna

Discover La Taverna, a distinctive restaurant concept amplifying the trend of boules, a social game fostering a relaxed ambiance. SPI Global Play pioneers a comprehensive “Boule Bar” solution, surpassing mere courts. We craft fully themed restaurants and bars seamlessly integrating with the boules experience.

This holistic approach crafts an enticing destination, enticing customers to return for evenings of friendly competition, delectable cuisine, and refreshing drinks.

The Hook

Ahoy mateys! Set sail for adventure with The Hook, a captivating pirate-themed concept perfect for family entertainment centers. Dive into an immersive atmosphere teeming with 3D sculptures of swashbuckling pirates, glistening treasure chests, and fantastical sea creatures.

Vibrant decor and theming bring the spirit of the high seas to life, transforming your space into an unforgettable destination that ignites imaginations and keeps families coming back for more. Let The Hook be your ticket to a treasure trove of happy memories and customer loyalty!


Discover a dining experience at T-Rex Fun Dining, where families are captivated and profits soar. Dive into a world of tasty cuisine, interactive play zones, and an enchanting dinosaur theme that leaves a lasting impression. Children will be spellbound by our vivid jungle ambiance, alive with lifelike dinosaurs that roar and move. Immerse them in the prehistoric era with immersive sound and light effects, turning every meal into an adventure. Also, kids can burn off energy in our exclusive dino play area, while parents unwind in a laid-back atmosphere, mingling with friends. Experience the future of dining entertainment, where unforgettable moments and financial success converge.