Mini Golf

Take your customers on an unforgettable mini-golf adventure with SPI Global Play! Choose from three exciting concepts:

Adventure Golf immerses players in fantastical landscapes, from shipwrecks to jungles!

Glow ‘N Golf combines captivating themes with mesmerizing fluorescent lighting and interactive elements for a truly electrifying experience.

Interactive Golf pushes the boundaries with virtual realms, stunning landscapes, and skill-based mini-games.

No matter your vision, we offer a customized mini-golf solution to create a lasting impression and drive revenue for your business.

Adventure Golf

At SPI Global Play, our immersive themed experiences take the traditional golf game to a whole new level. Step into fantastical landscapes like never before – from mysterious shipwrecks to lush jungles and even outer space adventures. Our intricate props, captivating sound effects, and meticulous attention to detail transport your guests into a world where golf is just the beginning.

But Adventure Golf courses are not only entertaining but also serve as a long-lasting and low-maintenance business investment. By utilizing durable materials like fiberglass, concrete, and natural elements, our courses ensure durability and longevity, leading to steady stream of revenue for your shopping mall, hotel, or leisure center over the years.

Glow ’N Golf

Glow ‘N Golf by SPI Global Play revolutionizes the mini-golf experience by combining captivating themed environments with fluorescent lighting, dynamic sound, light effects, and engaging interactive elements – all provided by us! Immerse your audience in a one-of-a-kind adventure that will leave a lasting impression and elevate your revenue streams.

Glow ‘N Golf offers a unique experience for families, friends, and colleagues to bond and have fun. With its captivating atmosphere, it fosters teamwork and camaraderie while encouraging repeat visits and increasing customer satisfaction. Whatever you’re looking for, we will design a course that delivers measurable value and a return on your investment.

Interactive Golf

Discover the next level of golf tailored for facilities seeking draw in more guests and increase profit! Our innovative blend of technology and tradition brings your clients into virtual worlds and offers skill-based mini-games—all while maintaining the authentic feel of swinging a club.

Whether you’re a business seeking to enhance your appeal and revenue by incorporating a mini-golf course into your facilities, our experience provides an ideal balance of thrill and authenticity to take your customers golfing adventures to new heights.

Enhance your golf facility with cutting-edge innovation with us through strategic partnerships and expertise in interactive entertainment, we offer a unique, captivating experience that sets your venue apart.