Ninja Course

This exciting concept is all about strength and agility. We offer complete Ninja Courses including a wide range of challenging elements. Balance, swing, run or jump through the diverse obstacles and create the ultimate ninja warrior experience. The Ninja Course exists of a truss system which can be easily extended or changed. The soft paddings across the course provide optimal safety.

How does it work? People can start by pressing a button on the start. As soon as they press the button, the clocks start ticking and people need to pass the course as quick as they can. On the end of the course there is often a warped wall with on the top a button that needs the be pressed to stop the time. Sounds (too) challenging?

The Ninja Course can be made as challenging as you want and can be fully customized to your audience. At SPI Global Play we offer a wide assortment of ninja elements you can choose from. Get in contact to lean all about this concept!