No matter if you are a single entrepreneur or a large multi-national you still want to see your idea in front of you before committing to a project. We work closely with our clients to provide the necessary design work and the right product or concept solutions.

Our design team operates from design studios in our corporate offices all around Europe. We are proud of these teams and the creative abilities within leisure attractions.

Our team contains the required skills across different areas of design – we have creatives, designers, illustrators, artists, architects, engineers and technicians. All of which ensure the success of each concept or product solution.

Master Planning

Master planning provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. It is about making the connection between different zones, activities, social settings, logistics and the surrounding environments to achieve the right solution and profitability.

With our experienced design teams we will ensure that not only your ideas and dreams will be realized, but also your concept will exceed the expectations of your visitors.

Concept Design

From a full concept to a single attraction, it all begins with an idea and a dream! This becomes a start of our concept design, that forms the shape, creates a story and sculpts the final solution.

Our experienced design team will create a concept design that will serve as the core guideline of the concept and overall solution via a collection of sketches, images, renderings, layouts and a written story. This helps to understand the final idea, solution and logistics behind it.

Interior Design

Interior design is about meeting each customer’s specific expectations and improving the customer experience. With creative and appropriate design and theme solutions, we believe that the overall impression, integration and experience result in exceptional memories. Our design teams combine colours, mural paintings, furniture’s, sound and lightning, decoration and 3D-theme to create the full atmosphere.